One year blog anniversary.

Hey there!
I’m here to share,
A happy news with care,

Are you ready for it?
It’s something I did,
Can you guess what it is?
Maybe you know as it is,

I’m so proud of it,
Coz it’s super lit,
Like a dream fulfilled,
And I’m so very thrilled,

You might have guessed by now,
What this suspense is all about,
I can’t wait to break the silence,
Coz this news is really timeless,

A big milestone has been achieved,
This baby blog has finally reached,
It’s first anniversary,
Oh! What a journey it has been,

With ups and downs,
Through thick and thin,

Every day was filled,
Unlearning some things,
Learning new characteristics,
To change the same old perspectives,

It taught me to be consistent,
That your willingness is sufficient,
No matter how slow you go,
What’s important is that you must show,

This journey couldn’t have been so,
If I wasn’t supported by you people,
Your appreciative words and comments,
Kept me motivated to make new content,

Interacting here made me realise,
That beauty beholds in the eyes,

As you liked what I had to say,
I realised sharing my thoughts is okay,
And every word I write matters,
I just need to take a step forward.

So, let me thank you again!
For always being here,
To support this journey of mine,
Let’s keep growing and our words shine.

Hello Ruminative Fam!

This blog has reached its first anniversary and it has been a wonderful journey of learning. This couldn’t have been possible without your support and appreciative words. Because of you, I was able to continue forward on this journey of expressing myself authentically.

I’m thankful for every one of you who supported and motivated me in this journey!

Let’s take a look back at some of the posts, now that we are so far from where we started.

These are the top 5 posts that people have liked.

1. Don’t be afraid.
It is the most liked post on my blog and people have found it very inspiring as well as uplifting. I’m delighted to learn that because it was written when I needed some motivational boost in my life as well.

2. What nature teaches us.
I wrote this poem because I wanted to experiment with the way I write. In this poem, I used different elements of nature and wrote short verses on how they can help us become better versions of ourselves.

3. Podcasts everything you need to know.
Recently I had started listening to podcasts and found them very useful and informative to improve our lives. Via this post I wanted to make people aware of podcasts and how they can change their lives too.

4. You do you, boo!
There was a time when all I did was compare myself with others and this was taking a toll on me. At that time I decided to write about my feelings and ended up with this poem. I’m glad that others felt the same upliftment by reading as I did by writing it.

5. I was writing.
This poem is one of the best I have written so far. It was composed when I was going through writer’s block. During that time, I decided to write how I was feeling and this poem was the result of it.

These are the posts that left a mark as I wrote them.

1. Wandering Everywhere.
It is the most intimate piece of mine where I shared how my recent journey has been. It is written from the bottom of my heart, maybe that’s why so many people connected with the words and the protagonist’s journey in this poem.

2. Anger, the boss of negative emotions.
I loved the way this article turned out because compiling such a vast well-written article was a huge task and because many people liked the articulation which makes me a happy person.

3. The winter is here.
This was the 1st poem that received a huge round of applause and praise from my friends, family and also the people on this blog. It was written on a beautiful warm winter day with blessed feelings inside. This poem boosted my confidence to keep writing.

4. The Folk of the Air #1 – The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.
Writing the review of this book brings back so many memories of discipline and hard work. As I worked on the compilation of this review, I decided to add different aspects of the story to the review. This took a good amount of research and involvement with the book which I loved so much.

5. Blissful essence of nature.
This is my 1st ever poem and I love to look back to the time when I wrote this. Those were the most blissed-out days of my life with no worries and conscious living. It brings joy to me as I recall the beauty of nature as mentioned in it.

Grateful for this delightful journey! I hope to bring more profound and heartfelt content as I move forward💛

Thank you for reading, Ruminative Fam!

© Ruminative Philomath (2021) by Deeksha Bhardwaj. All rights reserved.


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