Why having a hobby is important?

We are so busy hustling through life to achieve our goals and happiness. Working all day and stressed about things, not in our control, we are focused fully on enhancing our career, job and relationship etc. Constantly looking for ways to have more income, more success, more fame... We just want more. Fixated on improving... Continue Reading →

I am tired.

I am tired,Tired of caring and giving up,All the things that I so love, Photo by Umberto Shaw from Pexels I am tired,Tired of being strong,Always putting on a happy face,Even though it feels wrong, Sometimes I want to run away,Far away,Where I can be free from these thoughts,Where I will live without any remorse,... Continue Reading →

They say.

They say we care, We understand what you've been through, And we are always here,But when it's time to bring someone, Out of darkness and discomfort, It's the focus on their life, They cannot lose or divert, They say we are mature, Every pain and hurt, We have endured,But when it comes to help someone,... Continue Reading →

Anger, the boss of negative emotions.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels We are all dealing with the same thing - our emotions. Is there a situation in our life when our emotions are sitting on the back seat just watching everything unfold? No! They sit at the driver's seat, recklessly using the accelerator and brakes, making our lives miserable. There... Continue Reading →

Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco.

Synopsis. Kingdom of the Wicked revolves around Emilia, a young witch living with her family and her twin sister Vittoria. They live in secret and without persecution among the humans running a family restaurant in Sicily, living a normal life. Suddenly, young witches in Sicily begins getting brutally murdered. All hell breaks loose in Emilia's... Continue Reading →

आओ, उड़ चले हम | Come, let’s fly away

Photo by luizclas from Pexels आओ, उड़ चले हम,आसमां से आगे,सपनों को रखा है हमने,जाहां सजाके,देखे कभी ना फिर,मुड़के हम पीछे,चाहे परछाइयां हमें,कितना भी खींचे, आओ, उड़ चले हम,आज़ाद पंछी के जैसे,सोचे सभी तोड़ी है हमने,ये ज़ंजीरें कैसे,चाहतों को अपनी,करलें हम पूरा,रैह ना जाए हमारा,कोई भी सपना अधूरा, आओ, उड़ चले हम,दूर वाहां,बेतहां खुशियां,मिलती हैं... Continue Reading →

Slow down and enjoy life!

"If you're always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you're in?" - Nanette Mathews Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels We have moved on with our lives but locked down in our homes, we are trying to achieve our goals, be productive and utilise the extra time available to us... Continue Reading →

Wandering Everywhere.

Wandering everywhere, Lost and confused, Looking for answers, Hope and refuge, Thinking, This is the time, I'll be set free, From all the misery, That has set upon me, Every conversation, Felt like words of wisdom, Which will end now and forever, All the confusion, Fighting with myself and my fears, I struggled, just wanted... Continue Reading →

A new year, A new beginning.

2020 is finally over but is it really over? The pandemic is still going on, social distancing and masking are mandatory everywhere, work and study from home is yet a norm. When you look it at this way 2020 is still not over, but just that we have found a new normal. Past few months... Continue Reading →

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